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Pinot Noir Celebration in Australia

Featuring Pinot Noir from all across Australia, Pinot Noir Celebration is an immersive program of events, tastings, talks, tours and hands-on workshops designed to captivate, stimulate and challenge anyone with a love for pinot noir wine

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How to Be a Better Wine Taster

Do you love wine but struggle to describe the exact taste you're experiencing? When you're a wine lover, it is often difficult to detail the exact taste of a certain wine, especially to a non-wine drinker. Therefore, it is important to learn the 'wine language' and understanding the various characteristics of a wine. 

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Pairing Wine & Food

While it's true that wine is great to enjoy just by itself, do you know that you can further elevate your wine experience with the right food pairing?  With the vast amount of food and wine all over the world, it would no doubt be a little bit confusing in choosing the perfect wine + food combination. Keep reading this article and by tonight (or, tomorrow if you're reading this late at night), you will be enjoying your food with the perfect choice of wine. 

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